How many different types of limos are there?

Elegance and style were redefined in 1902 when a separate driver compartment was introduced in a broad wheel based personal car offering travellers their required privacy and comfort. Today Limousine service is a highly ranked rent a car service and the cost of limousine service equals the class, comfort and luxury it offers. Its huge popularity has driven the company to introduce more stylish, comfortable and customized models. A typical limousine separates the driver compartment from the rear through a glass window. Communication with the driver can be done through an intercom or sliding window panels. Rest of the types includes various other features described below.

Eco LimousineEco-Friendly Limo is directed towards the idea of gas efficient or hybrid limo model, so as to save the planet from global warming.




tank-limoTank Limo is basically a version for military fans and enthusiasts. It is an indestructible tank shape car typically available in white color.




hummer-limoHummer Limo is the most spacious of all limousines. It is an epitome of style and class. The upgraded models have their doors opened vertically and come in various colors.




convertible limo

Convertible Limo is the best choice if one needs to go around and enjoy the sceneries and weather from the luxury and comfort of their car that is in case the weather does not become ruthless to your journey.



jacuzzi-limoJacuzzi Limousines are typically the open top convertible style. They have an ultimately luxurious hot tub at the rear.




classic-limoClassic Limousines are beautifully decorated, traditional luxury vehicles most suitable for formal events. They are also available in a wide array of colors, white, pink, black, silver etc. They also come in various brands.



ford-suv-limoFord Excursion Limousines are a typical SUV limo with a spacious interior best for excursions.




stretch-limousineStandard Stretch Limo is the most popular and common type of limo preferred by older persons since it is the standard classy model.




sedan-limoSedan Limousine is a low-cost limousine most suited for casual purposes.

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